The primary governing body of the Conference of Roman Catholic Cathedral Musicians is the Steering Committee, which is empowered by the conference to act on its behalf throughout the year. Outside of the annual conference, the committee meets as necessary via telephone conference calls to conduct the business of CRCCM.

In general, the Steering Committee is authorized by the membership of the Conference to make such decisions and take such actions as it believes will serve the best interests of CRCCM as a whole. If, in the collective judgement of the Steering Committee members, an issue is of sufficient magnitude to require the assent of the general membership of the Conference, the Steering Committee will present the issue to the attendees of the pending annual conference for discussion and vote.

The current members of the Steering Committee are:

Charlene Angelini
Phil Bordeleau - Secretary

Matthew Geerlings - Communications Chair
Brian Gurley - Membership Chair

Brian Luckner - Steering Committee Chair

Bruce Ludwick, Jr.

James Savage - Advisory

Other Positions

Treasurer - Marc Cerisier

Communications Chair - Matthew Geerlings

Archivist - Beau Baldwin

Archive Committee - Jim Savage, Tony Dicello, Don Fellows


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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, CRCCM is supported by your contributions in addition to our membership fees.  Your contribution helps us to further the mission of the organization—engaging in dialogue, reflection, deliberation, resource exchange, mutual support, and ongoing professional development for cathedral musicians in particular, and as a model for the Church-at-large.

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